One of the must favourite tourist destinations, Rembrandtplein is a famous hub for nightlife with all its leisure facilities and is one of most-frequented tourist spots today.

Where to go

Rembrandtplein houses many places to arouse tourists’ interest. Some of these are the Cinema Tuschinski, café Schiller Bar and most interestingly De Kroon, a typical grand café that is more than a hundred years old now! In addition, the packed café terraces are a favourite amongst the tourists, as these enable them to sit at leisure and while their time away, watching the passers-by.

One of the main attractions of the Rembrandtplein are the traditional Dutch pubs that play real Dutch music. The place also houses a host of nightclubs and gay venues. If interested in shopping, you can go for the trustworthy diamond dealers found here where you can actually see how they are manufactured, or take your pick from the self-styled souvenir shops. In fact, Amsterdam is known as the diamond city because of huge natural deposits of diamonds that were found here.

Right in the centre of the place, you will find a small, but well-kept park, ideal for a few minutes of contemplation or simply to pay homage to the statue of the Great Master.

Also, just near to the Rembrandtplein, you will find two spots, unique in their own right. The first one being the Halvenaamsteeg, a small street packed with gay bars. The way it is accepted as a part of normal life is a perfect definition of the tolerant character of the city.

The second one, the Reguliersdwarsstraat, is presently famous as the hippiest nightlife street in Amsterdam. The place is home to a mixture of upmarket gay bars, restaurants serving expensive French cuisine and a bizarre variety of nightclubs catering to an older crowd of media persons, businessmen and local celebrities.


The NH Schiller Hotel is one of the most famous hotels around the place. One of the easy transportation facilities is the taxi rank located right in front of the Schiller hotel.