A hub of scores of bars, clubs, restaurants and discos, the Leiden Square or Leidseplein is the perfect choice for a night out in the city of Amsterdam.

When it was developed in the 17th century, the original function of the Square was to be a wagon park for farmers to leave their carts here before entering the city centre.

The Square got its unique name from Leidsepoort, which marked the end of the main road from Amsterdam to Leiden in earlier days. Leidseplein is now a busy tram intersection and centre of nighttime transport.

Nightlife Hub

Coming alive to the hilt, Leidseplein drums with activity at night, making it a welcome attraction for the night birds. You can hang around at a café or a restaurant or enjoy some interesting cinema or theatre. You can also try your luck at the casino; all the time enjoying live entertainment and music. Don’t forget to visit the Pardiso and Melkweg, the famous music centres offering contemporary music performances.

To add to the charm, you can find street musicians, jugglers, fire-eaters and other performers lined up with their acts and keeping the spirit up till the wee hours, especially in the warm summer days.

For those who are fond of theatre, Boom Chicago, the 300 seat Leidseplein Theatre is surely worth a visit. It has performances of different theme shows that are scripted, improv or simply a mix. Interestingly, contrary to the norms in other theatres, audience participation is encouraged here. You can also treat yourself to dinner or a drink at the venue.

Stadsschouwburg, the neo-renaissance building that hosts the city theatre is also a major attraction. The theatre is used by Amsterdam’s football team to greet supporters after winning important games.

Other attractions

Other attractions at Leidseplein include MacBike Leidseplein, a rental and tire service, Burger King, Haagse Dasz tearoom, Uit buro, an entertainment information and reservation centre and the like.