The Jordaan

Then and Now

From being home to the working class in the yesteryears to now having a colourful mix of the original ‘Jordanezen’, students, well-to-do businessmen and creative professionals, Amsterdam’s this Greenwich Village has definitely come a long way. It is indeed the most sung about and romanced town district of the Netherlands.

Founded in 1612 for the poor, today this happening place is no doubt one of the most wanted locations in Holland. Ironically, suffering neglect for decades, it was scheduled to be demolished in the 1970s to make way for new development, when the neighbourhood came together to protest. History also has it that Rembrandt lived the last years of life in the Jordaan.

What to look for

The Jordaan today is definitely a fantastic sight with narrow streets, canals, brown cafes, art galleries and unique shops, all lined up in this place of bustling action.

In case you happen to be looking for anything from second-hand books to clothes, antiques, flowers or fresh ready-to-eat food; all at a single spot, just visit the Noodermarkt in a small Jordaan quarter. The Noordermarkt hosts a flea market, which is joined on Saturday mornings by alternative farmers selling their produce out of the back of their cars.

For a greater variety, you can visit the Prinsengracht canal; simply a treat for shoppers with Van Hier tot Tokio, housing Japanese antiques, Claire V, Jodie’s Kidd’s favourite shop, Haarlemmerdijk for clothes and many more.

Interestingly, most of the streets in Jordaan get their name from the names of flowers!

Moving Around

A fairly small amount of traffic makes the Jordaan a very quiet and peaceful place to stroll around. The mesmerising streets that connect the 3 main canals are just perfect for a few minutes of a leisure stroll.