The Utrechtsestraat or the road to the large city of Utrecht of Amsterdam led though this passage in the ring of canals. Right at the end of it stood the Utrecht gate on the wide Frederiksplein. Today the place is known for the unbelievable assortment of food and leisure outlets it has to offer.

The Gourmet Street

In the last few years, the Utrechtsestraat has moulded itself literally into a gourmet lane, what with dozens of fine-food shops waiting to tingle your taste-buds, countless pubs, the city’s best butcher and many restaurants, crammed up in the narrow pavement.

Here you will find the Restaurant Sluizer and Fishrestaurant Sluizer. The Sluizer Restaurants are one of the oldest and also the most reputable restaurants of the centre of Amsterdam. Restaurant Sluizer, the Specialities Restaurant, bears a typical Amsterdam look with its dark brown wood panels.

Among other coffee-shops, the Utrechtsestraat is also home to the Coffee-Boutique Backstage, a coffee corner and boutique of its own kind where celebrity hosts Greg and Cary (the Christmas twins!) have been offering their friends and customers a personal service for almost 18 years now.

Another attraction is the recently opened Fishes, a trendy fish takeaway outlet, offering a wide variety ranging from tuna and fresh coquilles to ready made sushi and salmon timbales.

If you are one of those who like to get adventurous with cuisines from different parts of the world, you can also visit the Take Thai (at Utrechtsestraat 87), an original Thai cuisine offering a la carte as well as menus. Tempo Doele (at Utrechtsestraat 75), on the other hand is an upmarket Indonesian restaurant offering the delectable and authentic Indonesian flavour.


Transportation at times however is slightly difficult as the suppliers to the shops and restaurants located here often clash with the tramway, which also struggles to make way through this narrow and mostly congested street.