About A-partments

A-partments offers the business traveler luxurious and furnished apartments for a period of 7 days, going up to 5 months. The concept for our service found its origin in the rising need for well-furnished short-stay rental apartments. The need also became crucial as the hotels are no longer in compliance with the business travelers' need for a flexible and private solution for their comfort, nor do they match the expectations as far as the comfort level goes.
Each one of these rental apartments are located on “A” locations right in the heart of Amsterdam, including the canals and other wonderful historical monuments, offering private comfort and space.
Furnished ideally as a home away from home, these apartments provide a perfect retreat for the working traveler, who would rather want to return to a homely environment, than step into a run-of-the-mill hotel. Especially tailored for the employees of foreign companies, the A-partments are indeed the best option if you yearn for the taste and comfort of home, but are looking for all the facilities of a well-furnished short-stay rental.

A-partments are furnished as a well-equipped long-term residence. Among other high standard provisions, the most important facilities of TV, DVD, wireless internet, washing machine, dryer and cleaning services once a week surely top the list. Rightly stated, these apartments radiate that comfort level which one would ideally like to have as a part of one’s permanent residence.

One of the most relieving features is that the official prices quoted are all inclusive which means that you will not end up facing any hidden costs or additional charges for the TV, internet or cleaning services.

If you have any questions what so ever please send us an email to info@a-partments.com and we will answer within 24 hours.